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The most effective course rep initiative in a university



GCU School Conferences: a picture of School specific engagement across GCU - Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association

School and faculty level engagement is an initiative which is taking hold in both universities and colleges. It has increased the levels of student engagement and influence on decision making at a higher level than the individual course and programme

GCU Students’ Association has had great success in getting all three of their Schools to commit to School specific engagement conferences. These conferences have facilitated high level discussions on enhancing engagement on learning and teaching between students and staff.



Developing course rep engagement through institutional partnership – Edinburgh University Students’ Association

In academic year 2014-15, EUSA has seen a huge increase of Class Rep engagement with training and events run throughout the year. The partnership with the university at a school level has been crucial to this. Over the summer, EUSA staff and the Vice President Academic Affairs meet with senior management of many of the schools. They were to host a meeting for all Reps in their school to introduce key school contacts to Class Reps, and also recognise and thank them for taking on this leadership position. Many schools held such events with over 80% of Reps attending. These events helped engage and inform Class Reps, and they saw massive increases with over 500 Class Reps attending EUSA’s training (an increase of 100% on the previous year), participating in the Edinburgh Award for Representing Students, and attending development lunches and workshops.


Shortlisted for an award

The School Representative Initiative Programme: creating additional opportunities for student representatives to engage with strategic agendas whilst creating a representative pathway - Napier Students’ Association

Student Engagement Framework

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