Awards Category 2

Category 2: An initiative led by a students’ association in partnership with their college which has made the most impact on the enhancement of the student experience



Be Engaged
~ New College Lanarkshire Students’ Association and New College Lanarkshire

Be Engaged is a programme created by the Students’ Association and Learner Engagement teams in New College Lanarkshire in response to feedback from students establish a more robust and appealing variety of extra-curricular activities to participate in within the College.

The concept is an awards-based student engagement programme designed to get students involved in a wide range of activities outside the classroom, but within the College. It provides opportunities in a wide range of topics that run parallel to their formal education, creating more well-rounded and confident individuals prepared for the competitive environment of employment. The concept launched in 2016 and has been developed to become a highly-popular engagement method for students along with building strong relationships with organisations and employers in the local community.

Since the launch of Be Engaged, over 9,000 students have taken part in the programme, with around 280 already in receipt of awards – including 25 gold, 75 silver and 180 bronze. The events have promoted engagement from students from across all the College campuses, including the smaller campuses which in the past have shown less engagement with events.



Learner Engagement Framework and its use in improving the student experience
~ Edinburgh College Students’ Association and Edinburgh College

The Learner Engagement Framework has become Edinburgh College Students’ Association’s embedded framework for engaging with students and ensuring that the work they do has outcomes and impact and feeds into the colleges processes.

As an example of activity they hold class rep conferences 4 times a year on each campus to discuss issues around the student learning experience. The outputs from these discussions are written up and passed onto the college Senior Management and staff responsible for these areas. This has resulted in significant change and an improvement in the student experience.

This process of 'activity with purpose' has driven the partnership approach with the college and enabled students to have real ownership by leading these conference workshops and the conversations that extend from it.




Student Led VLE
~ Forth Valley Student Association and Forth Valley College

Volunteering Project
~ West Lothian College Student Association and West Lothian College

Student Engagement Framework

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