Awards Category 1

Category 1: An initiative led by a students’ association in partnership with their university which has made the most impact on the enhancement of the student experience



Undertaking an Enhancement-Driven Review of Student Representation
~ University of Stirling Students’ Union and the University of Stirling

In 2016 a student rep working group, which brought together both past and present reps and school officers, with key members of University academic and professional services staff, undertook an enhancement-driven review of arrangements for student representation and engagement within quality processes.

The Group made a number of recommendations which sought to both consolidate on assuring the impact of previous developments and charting out new courses of development for the 2016/17 academic year. A key theme emerging from the group was around ensuring a consistency of approach and practice across the University, and a parity of experience at Undergraduate, Postgraduate (Taught) and Postgraduate (Research) levels.

As a result the Students' Union has, in partnership with the University, implemented a number of enhancements, such as:

  • Revamped and Restructured their online Course Representative Training Module, benchmarking content within the training to the sector owned Student Engagement Framework for Scotland.
  • Introduced an End of Semester Report for Course Representatives to complete, helping to aid continuity between academic years and evidence the impact of their time as a representative for a particular module or programme.
  • Revamped the training provided through our Faculty Officer Academy, to include an in-depth look at the existing arrangements for the assurance of Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience within the University, Committee Training 101, an insight into Supporting Students and considering the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Implications of Programme Development and Evaluation proposals.



Evolution of Student Partnership Agreement
~ RGU: Union and The Robert Gordon University

In Session 2016/17 the ‘Partnership at RGU’ campaign aimed to deliver a step change in awareness of partnership activity throughout the institution and evolve their ‘Partnership Agreement’ from a relatively static document reporting via the committee structure, into a new entity providing a sound basis for meaningful dialogue between the wider staff and student bodies.

Fundamental to this was re-consideration of the content and format of the agreement and breaking it down to three key aspects:

  • Part 1: Listening to feedback – Outlining various roles/mechanisms and empowering the participation of students, to proactively provide views and opinions.
  • Part 2: Partnership in Action – Encouraging engagement and the development of a learning community where students and staff engage in meaningful dialogue.
  • Part 3: Achieved in Partnership – Celebrating the involvement of students in the design of solutions, and enhancements.

The inclusion of a new and unique Part 3 - “Achieved in Partnership” - illustrates progression from an approach which reported on actions taken in response to student feedback (e.g. You Said, We Did) to one which celebrates the collaborative involvement of students in the design of enhancement from the outset. Alongside review of the content, a fundamental activity was development of new student-friendly branding and a suite of promotional materials. Designed by a placement student within RGU:Union these included; video clips, hardcopy and e-posters and infographics. Notably the latest 'Partnership at RGU brochure' succinctly outlines the vision, core values and objectives.




What does Good Teaching Look Like to Students? Using Teaching Award Nominations to Disseminate Best Practices
~ Edinburgh University Students’ Association and The University of Edinburgh

Highlands and Islands Students’ Association Awards
~ Highlands and Islands Students’ Association and University of the Highlands and Islands

The GCU Community Partnership Agreement
~ Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association and Glasgow Caledonian University

Student Engagement Framework

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