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The student voice in quality has never been more important given the current transformation of the learning experience as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. One of our initial priorities is to support current representatives to understand the importance of their role at this time and to help them to carry it out effectively. Through this, we will identify areas where students need to influence institutional and national educational policy decisions and support them to do so, laying the foundations for work in the coming academic year.

The hub will be updated regularly as the COVID-19 situation progresses, and as we receive new resources and information from sector colleagues.


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In addition to the news articles, we will also be sending out targeted emails from time to time, to highlight sector news, guidance and resources to relevant groups within the sector.  All the information sent out by way of these emails will also be accessible on the sparqs' comms page of this hub, and will be recapped in our batches of news articles, along with other recent updates to the hub, so there will inevitably be some crossover with information you may already have seen. 

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If you have any queries, suggestions of anything we can do to help, or wish to discuss any forthcoming meetings or events involving sparqs' team members, please contact Eve Lewis, Director -

To all our colleagues in Scotland and around the world, we wish you, and all those dear to you, a safe journey through this extremely difficult time. Our thoughts and best wishes to you all.

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