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As part of the university’s preparation for its 2012 Enhancement-Led Institutional Review, the students’ association was invited to ask students to comment on the university’s draft reflective analysis.

The SA in turn asked sparqs to run a focus group to enable this. sparqs read the draft and extracted various statements that the document made about the learning experience and the student voice.

These statements were then used as the basis for focus group discussion, allowing for both qualitative responses as well as quantitative indication of agreement.

 The student contributions generated were extremely informative. Indeed, far from challenging the assertions of the draft reflective analysis, the results tended more to strengthen the document’s claims by providing new examples and evidence that the writing team was not originally aware of.

Please see attached the statements (questions) that were used ->

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Alan Davidson

Dean for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching and Assessment, The Robert Gordon University



(April 2014)

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