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An online interactive presentation of the sparqs Student Learning Experience model Perth College UHI

The Student Learning Experience model is a sparqs resource used in the face-to-face delivery of Introductory Student Rep Training.

Perth College UHI have developed an interactive version of this, that can be used both face-to-face and online, to create talking points around each element to promote engagement with the model and deepen learning.

Students drag-and-drop a number of statements onto which element of the Student Learning Experience they think it relates to.  At the end, a score is generated that shows how many the students got ‘right’. 

A discussion develops as students articulate their reasons for placing statements where they did.  This in turn uncovers an additional aspect of the model:

  • identification of items for priority action – those statements that can fit into more than one category have higher priority as they have a bigger impact on the overall Student Learning Experience.

Introduced in session 2012-13 online, and continued in both face-to-face and online delivery in 2013-14, student feedback on the model has been positive. 

It is recommended that the full list of ‘right’ answers is supplied for those students with a positivist world view.

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SWF - SLE exercise

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SLE answers

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