Supporting Sabbatical Officers as they leave office - University of St Andrews Students


As staff who support Sabbatical Officers, we place a great deal of focus on getting handover right, but we sometimes forget that as Sabbs leave office they may need guidance as they prepare for the next phase in their lives. Recently, we found that our officers wanted more discussion on ‘life after being a Sabb”, and so we created this resource that will guide Sabbs through job applications, seeking out further study, and finding out what they want from their lives after advocating for others. Besides drawing on experiences from the University of St Andrews Students’ Association, this resource builds and expands on the outduction guide for education officers developed by sparqs, Advance HE, the College Development Network and NUS Scotland, hosted here in the sparqs Resource Library.

For futher information, please contact:

  • Name – Holly McDonald
  • Role – Wellbeing & Equality Co-ordinator
  • Institution - University of St Andrews Students’ Association

(October 2023)

Item Number:294