Sector meetings

A big part of supporting the sector is the work we do at national meetings, including committees of Scotland's sector agencies. This support takes three forms.

Our work on committees

Firstly, we attend a number of sector committees ourselves, to put forward our perspective as sparqs where this is useful. We sit on a wide range of committees, including SFC's University Quality Working Group and College Quality Arrangements Steering Group; QAA Scotland's Teaching Quality Forum, Theme Leaders' Group and Scottish HE Enhancement Committee; and CDN's Development Committee and Quality Development Network - plus a range of other specific committees and working groups.

Supporting Student Engagement

Secondly, though, as part of our mission to support student engagement in key decisions, we provide support to national student representatives who also sit on these committees.

This support is provided jointly by both NUS Scotland and sparqs, providing guidance and advice, as appropriate, to those attending committees. We also provide practical central support in terms of comms, appointments and papers, to try to help maximise preparation and engagement. 

Education Network

Thirdly, we periodically brief student representatives about the issues arising from national meetings, under the banner of the Education Network. These briefings are open to all reps whether senior education officers or course reps. They help students' associations to gain a fuller understanding of national policy developments, and to use that knowledge to shape their local campaigning and research work on the learning experience.

For examples of the sorts of issues we engage with at the sector level, see our Quality Arrangements page.

For more information, please contact Eve Lewis.

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