sparqs' AT scheme

Delivery of Course Rep Training by sparqs' Associate Trainers

Some institutions choose Course Rep Training delivered directly by sparqs through our AT Scheme. Course reps receive two-part training involving an online self-directed study module and an interactive workshop led by one of our Associate Trainers (ATs). Our ATs are students at colleges or universities in Scotland. They are experienced reps, and work for us as trainers on a part-time basis.

The scheme has been running successfully for over 18 years, delivering Introductory CRT (our recommended initial training for reps in Scotland) as well as a wider range of other CRT products designed for specific student groups.  For further details on these, see our overview CRT webpage.  

As an alternative, we can also train your own internal trainers (usually students but sometimes staff), who then train your course reps in-house. For more information, please see our IAT scheme webpage.

Strengths of the AT scheme

The peer-led nature is a key strength of the Associate Trainer scheme because it allows students to learn from other students, enhancing and empowering the role that they can play as agents of change in the quality of their own learning.

Our ATs have a wealth of current experience of being learners and of student representation. Their knowledge of the learning experience in Scotland's universities and colleges is an asset to us as an agency and helps us understand and engage students in the work we do. It is also of huge benefit to the training they deliver and enhances the training experience for reps. 

The position provides a terrific opportunity for individuals to develop skills and knowledge in training, quality and student representation. Our four-day annual Associate Trainer event, which usually takes place during the last week in August, equips our trainers with the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil their role, including the ability to deliver training online during the pandemic.

Associate Trainer team

Details of our 2022-23 team of Associate Trainers, including their biographies, can be viewed on our staff page.  

Many ATs stay in the role for multiple years, and we recruit annually around March/April/May to ensure we have sufficient capacity within the team. 

The role is a fantastic opportunity for students to gaining a wide range of skills and experience, and many of our ATs go on to full-time posts across the sector and beyond, in no small part due to the experience they gain working with us.


For further information on any of the above, please contact Nicola Cameron

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