Supporting Institutions

Like the rest of our work, partnership is key to supporting institutions. Partly this is about developing effective mechanisms of representation that allow students' associations and institutions to learn from the valuable experiences and perspectives of student representatives. 

Supporting the development of strong and effective college students' associations is also therefore a key area of our work, having been a key focus, in partnership with NUS Scotland, since the college regionalisation process which began back in 2012.

But another key part of this is equipping and developing staff with the tools to engage students and work effectively with those representatives. This is especially true on important and expanding areas of work such as co-creation of the curriculum.

We also provide a range of training and support to institutions and students' associations who are engaging with internal and external review processes.

Finally, there are many ways in which we support institutions to work with their students’ associations to engage the diversity of their student population. This includes working in partnership on key equality policy such as Gender Action Plans, strategies for engaging online, postgraduate or apprentice learners, and embedding equality in approaches to course representative systems such as through monitoring of the diversity of course reps.

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If you have any queries about institutional support, please contact Eve Lewis.

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