Higher Education Achievement Report

Launched in the UK university sector in 2008, the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) allows for a single but comprehensive way of recording every student's achievement in their university education. Excitingly this includes any work they have done as a student representative.

This represents a great opportunity for the role of course rep to be recognised and recorded in a way that will be comparable across the country.

sparqs HEAR guidance

We have developed and published guidance on how the role of course reps can be defined by universities to meet the criteria for section 6.1 of HEAR (which relates to extra-curricular activity).

Our guidance also proposes how support mechanisms can be put in place to ensure that course reps fulfill their role effectively. It breaks this down into four key elements that can be clearly identified, measured and supported. Additional tools are included to aid development of support systems and processes.

 You can download this guidance here.

For more information, please contact David Scott.

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