Co-creation of the curriculum

One of the increasing focuses across universities and colleges is the idea that students should be co-creating their curriculum.

This means that students are not just expected to react to their learning experience by giving their comments and ideas, but they are also expected to proactively create that learning experience.

What should students learn? How should they learn it? How should their learning be measured? These are all questions at the heart of creating a curriculum, and students can be involved as partners alongside staff in answering them.

Co-creating the curriculum brings together the perspectives of students as learners with the expertise of teaching staff, and helps them understand what each other wants and expects from the learning experience.

Consequently, students can be involved in shaping everything from learning objectives to the means of assessment. The end result is a learning experience where students truly feel like they are owners of it and partners in it.

There is an increasing range of research and good practice in co-creation of the curriculum, and our strategic plans commits us to developing work in this area.

sparqs is part of a project exploring the design of an inclusive curriculum in universities and is advising on how students can be an integral part of the process.

For more information about this, please contact David Scott.

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