22 Mar 2022

Recent SQA Announcements – NQ summer exams

SQA has recently announced some specific guidelines that affect this year’s NQ exams (National Qualifications). These are generally the courses delivered at school level, including Nat 5s and Highers; but the news will also be of interest to college students’ associations where these NQ courses are offered.

Support for exam preparation and revision

In view of the disruption to learning this year, SQA recently published a set of measures to support the cohort of learners preparing for NQ exams this summer. The exact measures depend on the qualification, but can include support for revision, a reduction in the content to be assessed, and so on.

General information about NQ exams this year can be found on the SQA website and specific information about the support available for exam preparation is listed by subject.  Subject-specific information is also available on the Ushare platform.

In relation to this year’s NQ exams, college students’ associations should make themselves aware of the following:

SQA Guidance on Exceptional Circumstances
The EC guidance for 2022 exams has been published. This provides for a student to submit information about specific circumstances that affected their ability to perform at the expected standard on the day of the exam. See SQA’s Exceptional Circumstances webpage for further information. 

SQA Guidance on Appeals
Guidance on appeals (PRS, the post-results service) is expected for publication soon. This guidance will be similar to previous years. In cases where a student is awarded a grade they believe to be unfair or incorrect, there is an appeals process that can be followed. Further details will be available on SQA website soon.

Student engagement with SQA – sparqs and college officers

We are grateful to a group of college student officers who have been supporting SQA in discussions contributing to the announcements above. SQA have invited officers to sit on their NQ22 Strategic Group (a regular advisory forum), the monthly NQ22 Learner Panel, and in discussions about communications for college learners. Our thanks to Hannah Carragher, Kirsten Koss, Rose Dodgson and Kyle Gee for all your work.

SQA have communicated this information to centres, via the SQA centre contact in each case. Therefore, curriculum managers should already have this information and should brief subject staff as appropriate.

It would also be beneficial for college students’ associations to pass this information to course reps of relevant courses, and to publish the links on relevant webpages or forums.

To discuss this further, please contact Justin Walker, Development Consultant – justin.walker@sparqs.ac.uk.

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