Course Rep Training

sparqs has developed and delivered a range of products for the training of course reps in Scottish institutions. These have been designed to enable students to fully engage with quality enhancement processes and help them develop confidence in their role. These training products are outlined here, all of which reps should book via their institution or students' association.

Introductory Course Rep Training for 2021-22

Our most popular CRT product is the Introductory Course Rep Training package, designed as an introduction to the role for course reps in colleges, universities and tertiary institutions.

In response to the needs of institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have redesigned our Introductory CRT to be delivered online. Following discussions with stakeholders, we are continuing with this online arrangement in 2021-22.

As government restrictions are eased and circumstances change during 2021-22, we will consult with the sector around demand and feasibility if we are considering resuming any in-person training. However, it is thought that the majority of training will continue to be delivered online for the coming year.  

The introductory training is in two parts. The first is a self-study online module, which reps will access via their institution's VLE, and the second part is a participatory workshop, delivered by sparqs Associate Trainers (ATs) or Institutional Associate Trainers (IATs) via Zoom. Again, reps will access this via their institution or students' association.  See the Introductory CRT page for further details on the training and delivery methods. The 2021-22 booking process is now open. 

Other sparqs' CRT products

Our wider range of CRT products and materials below may also be of interest.  If you need specific support this year in training course reps for these groups of students in an online environment, please get in touch. 


Please contact us to discuss your course rep training needs

We will be pleased to support institutions as they consider their CRT needs. This may involve asking our expert team of Associate Trainers to deliver the training, or the assistance of sparqs' consultants in writing or adapting internal training materials.

For Scottish institutions still considering CRT options for 2021-22, please refer to our 'CRT options and support document' and please do contact us if you would like to discuss any of your CRT requirements (although the window for joining the IAT scheme for 2021-22 has now closed).

If institutions or students' associations have any other questions or requests related to CRT, please get in touch with Justin Walker, Development Consultant - or email us at

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