28 Feb 2013

A Student Engagement Framework for Scotland

The nationally agreed Student Engagement Framework for Scotland draws together the vast range of activities, views and approaches across the country to outline five key elements of activity and six features of effective student engagement.

It does not present one definition or recommend any particular approach, but rather, aims to provide clarity to discussions and establish a shared understanding. In doing this, the framework provides a basis for sharing existing practices and approaches whilst supporting future developments.

You can use the framework in many ways, including:

  • Identifying next steps in developing student engagement within your institution.
  • Identifying specific actions within an area of activity that could be developed and finding resources to help you.
  • Negotiating developments in line with a shared view of student engagement in Scotland.
  • Referencing other policies, regulations and guidance across the range of work related to student engagement.
  • Exploring principles and ideas and contributing to debate and development.
  • Celebrating and publicising activities and successes.
  • Accessing the work and resources of a range of agencies working on student engagement.

The framework forms the basis of a national resource, housed and developed by sparqs at: www.sparqs.ac.uk/SEFScotland

The framework is only the start of the resource. Over time it will develop as people across the sector contribute further examples of practice, research and ideas. It will serve as a central reference point and a place to celebrate our successes. It will also serve to promote the work in Scotland more widely.

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Student Engagement Framework
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