5 Mar 2012

Accrediting Course Reps through the Higher Education Achievement record (HEAR)

sparqs has been exploring the issue of how to formally recognise the role of course reps with a working group made up from staff and students from six universities. It was identified that some guidance on how to recognise the work of reps, but also how universities could support them, would be useful.

sparqs is producing guidance for universities on different approaches to recognising the role of course reps with a view to acknowledging their work through the Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR), section 6.1. By identifying what is expected of reps in universities, the guidance provides information on how best to support reps in their work to ensure they can be as effective as possible.

sparqs held an event to launch the guidance on including course reps within section 6.1 of HEAR. The full day event was held at Edinburgh Napier University on Tuesday 15th May 2012.

Aimed at Quality staff, staff from Registry or Academic Affairs and Students’ Association officers, the event also explored different ways of recognising the role of course reps for inclusion in section 6.1 and what support could be provided to enable student reps meet the chosen criteria.

For more information contact Stephanie Millar, sparqs Development Advisor, at stephanie.millar@sparqs.ac.uk

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