18 Nov 2016

New Apprentice Rep Training available to book!

We are pleased to announce that sparqs have developed new materials for Apprentices, to enable colleges to train Apprentice reps. The materials are now online and you can book sparqs to come out and deliver these sessions.

The training session lasts approximately 2 hours and we have a dedicated sparqs Associate Trainer to deliver the apprentice rep sessions.

As well as the actual training materials, we also have an introductory presentation, designed to be used by the college to generate initial interest. It focuses more on introducing the apprentices to the concept of learning and teaching and how they can effectively feedback about their experience at college whilst also introducing them to the role of the apprentice rep. Those interested in becoming a rep can then attend a full training session.

The training is aimed at newly elected apprentice reps who have not attended training before. It aims to develop confidence in their role, as being an apprentice rep for the first time can be a daunting prospect. We work with the apprentices to develop their capacity to feed back on issues related to enhancing their apprentice experience. Whether this is making sure their college curriculum is aligned with the needs of their employer, or ensuring that they receive the best possible career support from their institution, we prepare apprentices to make their collective voice heard across the college.

The materials can be accessed on our Training for Apprentices webpage, and the booking form and additional booking guidance are available on the main CRT webpage, alongside information about our full range of CRT products.  Completed booking forms should be emailed to admin@sparqs.ac.uk.

You can read more about our wider work with Apprentices, both in colleges and in the workplace, on our Apprentice Voice webpage.

If you have any queries about the Apprentice Rep Training or would like any further information please contact Morven Stewart, Development Consultant, on morven.stewart@sparqs.ac.uk or 07469354246.

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