24 Jul 2017

sparqs Course Rep Training is open for bookings!

Bookings are now open for sparqs Course Rep Training during 2017-18 ....for delivery from week beginning 11th September 2017 onwards.  This year's materials also include the newly-developed training for taught postgraduate reps.

All the information you need is on our main CRT webpage.  Please read the booking guide before arranging your sessions and requesting dates. 

We have a range of Course Rep Training (CRT) products, some of which are available for delivery by sparqs Associate Trainers, and some of which are designed for institutions to deliver themselves, with support from sparqs if required. 

The three main CRT products available for delivery by sparqs include our Introductory training; training for students with supported education needs; and training for Apprentice reps.

The CRT products developed for in-house delivery include the new materials for taught postgraduate reps; materials for ESOL students; and introductory training translated into Gaelic.

Our team of Associate Trainers will all be newly-trained in time for September, following our annual residential training event which takes place from 23rd-25th August, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil their role.  The 2017-18 trainers have a wealth of experience from their studies and course rep activity within their institutions and their biographies can be viewed on the 'Our staff' page of our website. 

If you have any questions about Course Rep Training or how we can support you to deliver training within your institution, please get in touch with David Scott, Institutional Support and Development Manager.

If you have any queries about the booking process please contact us at admin@sparqs.ac.uk or on 0131 622 6599.

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