Category 3 ~ A students' association-led initiative in a college

This category is for projects, services or systems led by students’ associations, including at a strategic or institution-wide level and in partnership with university management.

This might mean successful students’ association campaigns, projects or services that help those whose engagement has been most at risk, ideas and proposals that have had impact on students engaging in their learning, students’ association engagement with wider decision-making and pandemic responses, or support to systems of academic representation.



Discovering DASA
~ Dundee and Angus College Students’ Association

The first pandemic led DASA to completely rethink how they engaged with their membership, and they used a service design methodology to tackle isolation, improve wellbeing and create an inclusive online community. By using online tools to gather student feedback, new online social events and discussion spaces created a sense of online community, with huge increases in digital engagement statistics, bringing students closer to their students’ association and indeed their college.


Class Representative Meetings – Restructure
~ Glasgow Clyde College Students’ Association

With the closure of campuses during the lockdown, GCCSA moved from their previous model of campus-based course rep meetings to curriculum area-based meetings. This opened up valuable and relevant conversations about the learning experience, both between reps in similar subject areas and, crucially, between those reps and relevant academic managers.


Winter Wonderland 2020
~ Fife College Students’ Association

This innovative project saw Fife College SA lead five other students’ associations in Scotland in a collaborative series of events and competitions over December 2020. They drew heavily on learning and curricular skills, for instance in practical competitions, and engaged a wider range of students from those who traditionally attend face to face events.

Student Engagement Framework

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