8 May 2019

sparqs' contribution at the 2019 EUA Learning and Teaching conference in Poland

sparqs participated in the 2nd annual European University Association (EUA) Learning and Teaching Forum on 14th-15th February 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.

The 2019 European Learning and Teaching Forum’s focus was ‘‘Towards successful learning: Controversies and common ground”, building on the recognition that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for successful learning and teaching. The Forum helps facilitate exchange of experiences relating to different learning landscapes, and brought together over 250 delegates from across Europe, including student representatives.

We were pleased to have a paper approved for presentation at the conference. The paper, written and presented by Development Consultant, Stef Black, was titled “Facilitating students to be co-creators of their learning and teaching; a Scottish sector insight”, and summarised different tools and mechanisms employed by Scottish institutions to enable student partnership, including Student-led Teaching Awards, Student Partnership Agreements, and course representative systems.

It was a great opportunity to share how we do things in Scotland, and discuss our education and quality landscape, and the importance placed on the student voice in Scotland. The session generated great discussion from delegates, and it was interesting to see how others approach student partnership in their own contexts, and the genuine interest in adopting some of our methods.

We were also able to attend several other presentations and workshops, gaining insight into the successes and challenges faced across Europe by our colleagues in the sector. Highlights include the opening keynote from Simone E Buitendijk of Imperial College London on the importance of student-centred learning, the launch of the new EFFECT European Principals for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, a research project into the impact of teaching and excellence prizes, and a student-led initiative from Vilnius University Students’ Association to create feedback reports from students for academics, all within the semester.

You can read the sparqs' paper on the EUA conference website, as well as our accompanying presentation.

For more information, please contact Stef Black, Development Consultant - stef.black@sparqs.ac.uk

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