Focus on enhancement and change

This Feature of the Student Engagment Framework focuses on how student engagagement should enable enhancement and change – in the students themselves, in the student experience, in the institution and in the sector as a whole.

The 'Representation and Partnership' section of the resource library contains information on this. 


A particularly good resource is:

Change is Good. Honest - Talat Yaqoob


In this article Talat looks at how giving students the chance to bring about change through good student engagement can bring about a sense of ownership for that change and what that can mean.


From the resource library page you  can also use the resource library search box where  you can input specific search terms such as -

'change', 'ownership' or any other suitable criteria including Institution Titles and this will bring  up all information relating to your  search.

The Top 10 Most Viewed resources can also  be found on the resource library page.


Student Engagement Framework

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