This page contains a range of general resources about regionalisation, such as external links and reports, plus some materials developed by Partnerships for Change (some of which may now be defunct, but are currently still available for reference).

The SA Framework Resources Hub contains resources collated more recently, around developing students' associations.  

Resources from our two annual PfC conferences can be found on the event pages:


What is regionalisation?

We produced a leaflet called "What is regionalisation?". It was aimed at all students and colleges were welcome to download and adapt to their local circumstances:

We also created a "What is Regionalisation?" presentation. It was aimed at all students, intended for delivery by college staff and students’ associations during the regionalisation process, whenever there was a need to tell students about regionalisation and the changes to the college.  It includes some sections to be updated with information about what was happening in local regions at the time of use.

Sector resources

There is a lot of information about regionalisation scattered across the web, so this page pulls some of the most useful links together for you:

Regional websites


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