Awards Category 6

Category 6: College course rep of the year



Joshua Smith ~ Lews Castle College UHI

Joshua has been a rep for the last two years while attending college. While Joshua has supported education needs, and initially lacked confidence, he has built on his skills and gained confidence through being a rep. Joshua has been an active class rep, with his classmates saying that they are always kept informed on college life, including through a class Facebook group, maintained by Joshua. His classmates further noted that Joshua has always been ready to help them when needed and has become a strong link for his class to the class rep structure.

As he has progressed through his role as a rep, staff have noticed dramatic increases in his sociability and confidence in meetings to be a prominent figure in them. He is keen to help on any project, and stays in regular touch with the local HISA Depute President to volunteer his time where he can. This year Joshua attended the Regional Council, a huge personal milestone for him, and is now looking forward to standing in the HISA elections this year.

Through being a class rep, Joshua has been able to gain skills and confidence while he studied, and has become known as a reliable and kind rep which students can trust in. Although the class rep system was a facilitator for Joshua’s personal growth, the achievements he has made are due to his own determination and good spirit for which he should be commended at the highest level.



Lora Miller ~ Ayrshire College

Lora returned to education when her children reached school-age, and juggles full-time stud, childcare, voluntary roles and part-time employment. Since beginning at Ayrshire College she had an immediate positive impact on her fellow students and contributed to a positive learning environment. Feedback from curriculum staff is extremely positive, with the Curriculum Manager, stating that “she has the ability to take any subject matter on board and contribute to discussions utilising the knowledge and information she has gained.”

Her dedication is not solely focused on the theory side of her course work but also the practical where her coaching placements in the local community have been regularly praised by external partners for her commitment to setting and achieving high standards within each session she takes. Her peers find that her approachable manner makes her an easy person to get on with and also someone they can speak to for advice and help voice their concerns. Her ability to be a voice for the student population has been further enhanced with roles on the Student Association executive team as Sport and Physical activity Officer.

Lora also makes a valuable contribution to the Students’ Association, the local community and local schools. In the SA she holds the officers to account, is involved in student consultation, planning and organising events, raising awareness and creating change. She volunteers on a regular basis with different community groups, she works with all abilities and makes sure her sessions are fun, accessible and inclusive. She strives to bring people together and create positive change. Lora has dealt with class rep issues quickly and appropriately, achieving positive outcomes, and has been a voice for the full curriculum area over resources.

Lora is extremely dedicated and puts one hundred percent into everything she does, she naturally encourages others to do the same. She is a fantastic ambassador for Ayrshire College and Ayrshire College Students’ Association.




Stuart Florence ~ New College Lanarkshire

Sylvain Schaeffer ~ Glasgow Clyde College

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