Category 5 ~ University Course Rep of the Year


Finlay Allmond ~ University of Stirling

Finlay has been Faculty Officer for History and Politics at the University of Stirling during academic year 2018/19. His nomination describes him as being incredibly engaged, reliable and professional and a rep that can always be relied on. Finlay has also found the time to be involved in other roles within the Students’ Association and University and, as a result, has built positive relationships with a large number of both staff and students.

As well as being dedicated to “going above and beyond for students”, Finlay is also highly committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and how these apply within an educational setting. He decided to conduct his Faculty Officer project on equality, diversity and inclusion in the curriculum, during which he conducted an analysis of the scholars on reading lists within his division as well as surveying 250 of his fellow students to better understand their views on the subject.

Finlay has worked with tenacity and dedication this year to make the university a positive environment in which all students can learn and thrive.




Kyle Thornley ~ Edinburgh Napier University

Kyle has volunteered as a course rep for three years during his time studying Architectural Technology at Edinburgh Napier University, and was described in his nomination as a “standout student” and “an asset to any team”. He has demonstrated time and time again that he is passionate about being a course rep and representing his fellow students, and possesses a number of qualities that make him very effective in this role. Kyle is an excellent communicator, and consistently acts in a calm, friendly, polite and respectful manner with peers and staff alike.

A number of activities and improvements have been implemented at the university as a result of the feedback and suggestions Kyle shared during his time as course rep, such as an increase in opportunities for mentoring in some modules. These changes have had an extremely positive impact on enhancing the experiences of Kyle’s fellow students, both on his course and beyond.

Melanie Robinson ~ Edinburgh Napier University

Melanie has acted as a rep for research degree students at Edinburgh Napier University at both School level and University level over the last three years, during which time she had a significant impact on the student experience across the research student community. For example, she helped influence policies such as the adoption of a stipend support for research degree students who were absent due to ill health or paternal leave, and the creation of a standardised contract for research student employability across the university.

In addition, Melanie has been influential in creating a more vibrant and supportive environment for research students at Edinburgh Napier students by bringing together reps and creating a community that better represents this student group. She has also been supportive of new reps and helped mentor them in their new roles and is, overall, a “great example of an engaged, enthusiastic rep who has made a real difference for her fellow students”.

Stephanie Gardiner ~ University of the Highlands and Islands

Stephanie has acted as a rep during her four years studying for a degree in accounting and finance at the University of the Highlands and Islands. During this time, she has consistently delivered “exemplary service to her fellow students”, despite having to overcome a number of difficult circumstances.

Stephanie has shown a significant level of dedication to the role of course rep and the responsibilities of the role, and worked tirelessly to improve continually the experiences of fellow students on her course. She has developed a range of communication methods to make it easier for her peers to provide feedback, and encouraged social activities and informal feedback sessions that have helped to create a real sense of community amongst her year group. Stephanie has worked in a dedicated way to combine studying and the course rep role in testing circumstances.


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