4 May 2022

Measuring project progress of sparqs/NUS support to develop college SAs

As part of the Developing College Students’ Associations (DCSA) project, we are asking all Scottish colleges and their students’ associations (SAs) to answer some questions about SA activities and plans. The project is operated jointly by sparqs and NUS Charity, funded by the Scottish Funding Council, to help each college SA become autonomous, partnered, accountable, representative and sustainable.

A member of the DCSA team (a consultant from either sparqs or NUS Charity) will be in touch with key contacts in colleges and SAs imminently, if they have not already done so.

There are two separate questionnaires, one for the college and one for the SA. Following completion of the online survey (which should take around 15-30 minutes), the relevant contacts will also be invited to participate in a verbal interview/conversation (approx. 60 minutes), in order to explore some of these topics in greater detail.

The responses collated will help us evaluate the progress of the project and continue our support for SAs in the most appropriate way, whether or not colleges have been actively involved in the DCSA project during the last year. The process is not about assessing the college or the SA, it is purely about assessing the national project.

If you have any questions, please email us at: dcsa@nus.org.uk.

Otherwise, our thanks in advance for supporting the DCSA project and our future planning.

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