22 Sep 2022

A roundup from our 2022 residential event for Course Rep Trainers

The AT/IAT residential has returned!

sparqs recently delivered its comprehensive training event for 2022-23 course rep trainers. Back as an in-person event for the first time since 2019, staff and trainees were pleased to gather at the beautiful University of Stirling campus for this important event.

This important course prepared a total of 29 trainers to deliver Course Rep Training (CRT) to course reps in the year ahead. As a result, sparqs now has a team of 16 Associate Trainers (ATs), all of them current students, ready to offer CRT across Scotland. We also trained 13 students and staff as Institutional Associate Trainers (IATs), appointed by their institution to work in their specific college or university. We were delighted to be supported by a group of five experienced returning ATs in delivering this event – our thanks to Clare, Kirsty, Lane, Lucy and Susana.

The course aims to help ATs and IATs deepen their understanding of:

  1. The materials for Course Rep Training.
  2. Factors that affect the learning experience of students.
  3. The importance of the work of course reps and the role they play in quality enhancement.
  4. Strategies and techniques for successful delivery of training in online and in-person environments.

The training event was delivered in both plenary and small-group sessions through interactive activities, discussions and taught material. As a central training feature on days 2 and 4, trainees each delivered a small section of the CRT workshop to their tutor group and had a chance to offer and receive feedback.

Many colleges and universities across Scotland are planning to continue with online CRT in 2022-23, with others opting for mixed in-person/online delivery. Therefore, our course included a final day delivered on Zoom, covering issues related to the online training environment and including some online delivery practice.

Post-course evaluations were excellent, with high numbers of trainees endorsing the value of the course in preparing them to work as a trainer, strong levels of learning against the course objectives, and 100% of respondents stating that they would recommend sparqs training events to others.

In addition, trainees completed daily evaluations. As an exercise in modelling reflective practice, the training team reviewed this feedback each evening and – in some cases – were able to modify the programme or delivery style accordingly on the following day.

Some quotes from our 2022-23 trainees: 

  • "I had a lot of fun and made new friends! Thank you for such a good experience."
  • "Thank you for having us, a worthwhile and interesting event that I will be able to bring back my learning into my wider team :)"
  • "It was super fun and engaging and made everyone feel really valued!"
  • "One of the best training courses I've been on."


For information on this news article or the training event, contact Justin Walker, Development Consultant at justin.walker@sparqs.ac.uk.

For questions or requests related to CRT, ATs or IATs, contact Nicola Cameron, Business Manager at nicola.cameron@sparqs.ac.uk or email us at admin@sparqs.ac.uk.

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