1 Nov 2022

Promoting Equity of the SLE: resources published from Enhancement Themes Student-led Project 2021-22

As part of the Enhancement Themes, sparqs and QAA Scotland work in partnership to facilitate the delivery of the Student-led Project (SLP). The SLP is led by a steering group of student officers from across Scotland who choose a sub-topic under the Theme to work on each year, supported by staff members from sparqs and QAA Scotland.

For 2021-22, the topic the SLP Steering Group selected was ‘Promoting Equity of the Student Learning Experience’.

The selection of this topic was motivated in part by the students’ observations of the significant changes to learning and teaching brought about by the pandemic. In some cases, the students observed that the move to digital had made elements of the student experience more equitable, and these are changes which institutions may wish to keep as we move out of the pandemic. In other cases, some changes made the learning experience less equitable for certain groups and demographics of students.

In light of this context, institutions in Scotland have been reflecting on what they have learned from the pandemic, in order to continue to develop approaches to learning and teaching that maximise the benefits of a more blended environment and support the diverse needs of their student populations. Last year’s SLP built on this momentum, encouraging institutions and students’ associations to work collaboratively to build a student experience that supports all students, however and wherever they learn.

The students chose to develop 5 substantive outputs over the course of the project:

  • A piece of desk-based research to collate a set of key existing theory, practice and resources related to equity in learning and teaching.
  • A ‘top tips’ document on how to develop equitable learning opportunities.
  • A workshop that explores how students’ associations and institutions can develop course rep systems that effectively represent diverse groups of students.
  • A suite of case studies related to equitable learning and teaching practices.
  • An introductory guide for student reps on the topic of equity in learning and teaching.

Access the resources

All of the outputs have now been published on the QAA Scotland Enhancement Themes website.

For further information, or if you have any queries, please contact Megan Brown, Development Consultant – megan.brown@sparqs.ac.uk.

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