1 Jun 2020

A recap of recent additions to our hub

In case you missed them, a quick recap of some recent additions to our COVID-19 information hub (which aren't already featured in other articles)....

Sector briefings

On 13th May, we sent out an email to all our contacts in Scotland, signposting some key sector briefings. Additional briefings have since been added to our hub, so please check our sector briefings page on the hub for the most up-to-date list.

Going forward, we will continue to send out such targeted emails, to highlight sector news, guidance and resources to relevant groups within the sector in a timely manner, as and when things are published.



See below for a few resources recently added to the hub, but please see our sector resources page for the full list. 

We welcome any other tools you have developed on engaging students in the current changes in learning and teaching. If you have anything you feel it would be useful to share here, please contact us at admin@sparqs.ac.uk

Keep up to date with new items added to our hub

For ease of access, our hub now features a page collating the most recently-added items to the hub, whether events, sparqs' comms, sector briefings or resources.  So please visit that page whenever you want to do a quick check for anything new. 

As noted above, this article is a simple recap of items not featured in other articles within this batch, so if you haven't already read them, please do check out all those other articles, which feature..... four events currently open for bookings and another 'save the date', new resources for inducting education officers, a direct comms to current course reps, an update on sparqs' new work plans, and a personal thank you from Eve Lewis to all of the student officers currently demonstrating their incredible commitment and doing an amazing job for their students in the most difficult and unprecedented circumstances. 

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