Shaping surveys of students following lockdown - University of St Andrews

At the time of COVID-19 lockdown, student surveys relating to the student experience of online taught programmes (UG/PGT) following lockdown were developed at the University of St Andrews. They are examples of the kinds of questions students can be asked about their learning experience at a time of rapid transition, and also of engaging students in shaping those questions.

In creating these surveys, a small working group was formed in the Vice Principal (Education) office to produce student surveys of both online teaching & learning and remote examinations, and to think about how these would be delivered and the feedback disseminated to students and Schools.

The working group included the Director of Education (the sabbatical officer from the Students' Association). She, in turn, consulted with School Presidents (twice, once for each survey) on the appropriate format and structure of the survey instruments. Alongside feedback from Directors of Teaching, the student input was very important in identifying questions to include and to ensure that nothing was overlooked. We plan to survey PGR students separately later in the summer of 2020.

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  • Name - Dr Ian Smith
  • Role - Associate Dean (Education) of the Faculties of Arts and Divinity
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  • Phone - 01334 462001

(May 2020)

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