3 Feb 2021

Student Partnership Agreements during COVID-19

We are pleased to publish a new COVID-19 SPA briefing note on how Student Partnership Agreements (SPAs) can be developed and considered during the current pandemic.

Partnership practice has never been more important given the critical role of students in identifying the challenges and opportunities for the learning experience during the COVID-19 crisis. However, equally, the major work usually involved in developing SPAs is not always possible now, given how institutional and students’ association capacity is impacted by the fast-moving health situation.

As such, this briefing note sets out how short-life SPAs focused on the topic of COVID-19 can help identify the ways in which institutions and students’ associations can work together on the obvious issues facing the learning experience. It is most relevant for those usually involved in managing an SPA, such as members of a joint partnership committee, SPA steering group or equivalent.

The note sets out what the three parts of a COVID-19 SPA might look like, and offers a wealth of resources and further reading that can help staff and students think through partnership in a practical and relevant way.

For further information, please contact Simon Varwell, Senior Development Consultant, on simon.varwell@sparqs.ac.uk or 07815 938966; or your institution’s key contact in the sparqs team.

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