Category 1 ~ A student-led initiative in a college

This category is for activity led by students, including student representatives at course, programme or department level, students involved in enhancement projects, or any individual student or student group who have contributed to the quality of the learning experience.

Such activities might include work by course reps to gather and use student views, initiation of partnership work with staff, successful proposal of adjustments to the learning experience, work to engage specific groups impacted by the pandemic, or the work of student-led groups or societies that have impacted on the quality of learning within a course or department.


Muckers Nation – The Students’ Online Equine Community at SRUC
~ Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)

This is, in effect, an academic student society created by students in equine courses, but open to all, who have created online social events and competitions, held drop-in chat sessions, shared study tips, and produced videos about their learning. This has all contributed to a community in a highly practical subject area where meeting in person would have been a normal part of the student experience. The group will continue into face to face delivery and be a model for other student groups in the college.

Runner up:

Thank you forms: bringing Fife College students and academic staff closer
~ Fife College Students’ Association

This was a brilliantly simple but highly effective initiative that allowed students to send letters to teaching and support staff to praise them for the amazing things they have been doing this year, and a chance for the students’ association to highlight the features of great teaching and support. At the time of the submission, over 270 letters have been sent, which have all been received with delight by staff who, of course, have not yet had the chance to meet and get to know these students in person.

Student Engagement Framework

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