2 March 2023

Student Engagement Staff Network meeting


The third meeting of our Student Engagement Staff Network (SESN) for academic year 2022-23 continued our series of half-day events for staff in student engagement and academic representation support roles.  It took place on Thursday 2nd March 2023, from 10.00am until 1.00pm, via Zoom. 

The SESN meetings are of particular importance this year, as the sector moves towards a tertiary approach to quality.  The meetings allow staff to keep abreast of developments and how their instituions can contribute to the shaping of the tertiary arrangements. 

You can view the materials from the day below:  

If you would like to suggest topics for future SESN meetings please let us know.

The event hashtag, for use on Twitter, was #sparqsSESN

The link opened at 9.45am, and the meeting itself began at 10.00am and finished by 1.00pm. It was free to join, but delegates were required to register, in order that the event could be kept secure.

As usual we specifically invited staff from institutions or students’ associations in Scotland with student engagement or academic representation responsibilities.

If you want to discuss this meeting further please contact Gloria Laurini, Development Consultant – gloria.laurini@sparqs.ac.uk 07966 104056.

Online meeting security

The meeting was run using Zoom, with the following security measures:

You do not need an account to join the meeting and you don’t need to download the app. Simply copy and paste the link you receive in your joining instructions directly into your browser. The link is not available on social media or our website and is sent by email only to those who have registered for the event. To ensure only those who have registered join the meeting, we ask that you do not share the link with anyone. If you are not an authenticated Zoom user (i.e. you don’t have an account) you will be asked to input a password to join the meeting. When you join, you will go to a “waiting room”, a member of sparqs staff will then admit only those who have registered. If the identity of a person is not known, they will not be admitted, so please enter your name on Zoom as the name you registered to attend.

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