1 May 2014

College Students’ Association: Charitable Status and Trustee Boards


This meeting was held for college students’ associations who are deciding whether or not to put charitable status / trustee boards as an objective in their strategic plan.

Charitable status, and the establishment of trustee boards, offers a number of opportunities to students’ associations, as well as potential solutions to a number of issues around autonomy and accountability. However, setting up and maintaining them also presents a number of challenges.

During the meeting we looked at information on trustee boards, the different charitable status options, and the actions colleges and students’ associations would need to take in order to establish them. Most importantly the meeting gave attendees the opportunity for questions and discussion, exploring whether this is the right route for their association, and ideas for next steps.

Materials from the event will be uploaded here shortly.

If you would like more information either on the meeting or on the consultant opportunity please contact Kate Byford, Partnerships for Change Coordinator.

Kate.byford@nus-scotland.org.uk  - 07880192722

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