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An online interactive presentation of the sparqs Before, During and After model for effective participation in meetings.

An exercise within sparqs Introductory Student Rep Training covers what tasks need to be completed before, during and after meetings for effective participation.

Perth College UHI have developed an interactive version of this, that can be used both face-to-face and online, to embed the tasks and improve the effectiveness of student participation in quality processes.

Students drag-and-drop a number of tasks into columns for when they should be done.  At the end, a score is generated that shows how many the students got ‘right’.  The session is debriefed as a discussion to describe when it is most effective to complete tasks, and why.  Students also complete a reflective questionnaire to check their understanding.

Introduced in session 2012-13 online, and continued in both face-to-face and online delivery in 2013-14, student feedback on the model has been positive. 

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SWF - Before, During and After Excercise

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Before, During and After answer sheet

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