Developing the future careers of SA education officers: outduction toolkit - sparqs et al


These resources help eduction officers, and those who support them, to think about how to apply the skills, knowledge and experience they gained from their elected position, as they look ahead to their future career.

This "outduction" is an important process: how can education officers reflect towards the end of their term of office on the work they have done in fields as diverse as trusteeship and governance, education policy, representation and advocacy, campaigning and influencing, leadership, and equality, diversity and inclusion? And how can such experiences be of value in the jobs market or in governance roles in the voluntary or public sector?

The short toolkit is aimed at those staff who support education officers, such as students' association staff or clerks to governing bodies. It contains three exercises that focus on what education officers take with them at the end of their term of office and attempt to capture the huge potential value and impact in the role. It concludes with a suggested list of education-related job directories, which we present as a separate download that could be a useful handout for officers themselves as they approach the end of their term and look to use what they've gained in their future career.

The toolkit and handout (originally developed in 2021 and now updated annually) were jointly produced by sparqs, the College Development Network, Advance HE and NUS Charity, who all share a keen interest in supporting the skills development of student officers and student governors.

This "outduction" toolkit is separate from our support for inducting education officers into their roles. sparqs has developed a guide for the sector on education officer induction, which is also updated annually. 

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(Updated March 2024)

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