Preparing Student Reps for Participation in Course Committee Meetings - Perth College UHI

Preparing Student Reps for Participation in Course Committee Meetings (Staff/Student Liaison Committees) 

Student Reps in Perth College UHI have Introductory Training (based on the sparqs model) almost as soon as they are elected in October.  Their first of 2 formal staff/student liaison-type meetings happens in December, so some students benefit from follow-up training to prepare them. 

We deliver face to face Course Committee Preparation in late November, and have now developed an online version too.

The attached outline describes the objectives and activities student undertake.

The delivery is by role-play and simulation, both of which are active learning methods, recommended under Curriculum for Excellence.  See also Colin Rose (1985) Accelerated Learning. Accelerated Learning, Ltd, Aylesbury.

The Role Play cards are only examples, and can be tailored to include previous real feedback situations in your College.  If there are not 10 students in the session, people can play more than 1 role, and the tutor can also step in. 

These examples should be written to be read in a specific order so they more closely resemble the type of situation that Student Reps could be faced with when asking their classmates for their feedback – a mix of voices, some appropriate issues, some irrelevant issues, some group management issues, and some comments that need to be depersonalised before they can be passed on to staff. 

The Peer Observation sheet is adapted from the well-established stop/start/continue technique.

The addition of online delivery enhances ICT skills, and gives Students an environment where they can share their experiences, skills and questions to become co-creators of knowledge to enhance their performance in their role.  This could lead to a Community of Practice, for sustainable ongoing peer support.


Role Play Briefing

Role Play Details

Role Play Feedback Sheet

Role Play Cards

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I would like to acknowledge Jo Mitchell, Students’ Association Coordinator at the former Adam Smith College (now part of Fife College) for coming up with the original idea for delivery via role-play.  She set me on the right path.


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