How to write an Annual Quality Report - QAA, NUS & TSEP

Through a QAA funded project, NUS and The Student Engagement Partnership (TSEP) produced three guides to support you through the process of creating a AQR.  See the resource webpage for full details.

NUS believes that when students’ unions put a well-researched case forward for change, they are more likely to gain support from their institution. Every six years as part of The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) institutional review method, students’ unions in England produce Student Submissions, for which there is a lot of data to analyse and collate which can be a daunting task.

Annual Quality Reports can be very influential in putting forward a well-researched case for change and many students’ unions make use of the lobbying power of these documents by making a series of recommendations to the university or college.

Therefore, this series of guides will look at how you can undertake an Annual Quality Report (AQR) which can cover areas of the academic experience, to produce a SS when the time comes.

There are three parts to this series, which are accessible via the resource webpage:

  • Part 1:  Creating an evidence base
  • Part 2:  Structuring your report
  • Part 3:  Developing recommendations

Note that the Student Submission is not used in Scotland, though the approaches taken by students’ unions in England in preparing their submissions will be of use and interest.


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