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The Engagement and Partnership Award is an opportunity for RGU students to receive recognition for working in partnership with the university. All current students are eligible; they either apply directly or are independently nominated by a third party. Launched in 2016, the application process was subsequently streamlined following a recent review.

The questions and scoring criteria are shared in the attached document, which may be of use to other institutions thinking of developing similar awards schemes. 

The Award is designed to recognise and reward students who have contributed to improving the student learning experience. Students can be nominated for activities designed to achieve meaningful outcomes for students, at module, course, school or university-wide levels. In some cases, students have demonstrated engagement in sector-wide projects and initiatives that have far-reaching implications for all students.

As part of the university’s aim to recognise and encourage partnership-working, publicity around the Award has increased. This has included interviews with past recipients of the Award, efforts to recognise and publicise their achievements, and engagement with the Student Union to boost awareness of the Award and of the opportunities that it provides.

Any queries, please contact:

  • Name – Lisa Dunbar
  • Role – PA/Assistant Project Officer
  • Emaill.dunbar3@rgu.ac.uk
  • Phone – 01224 263340

(May 2020)

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