Student Panel (COVID) - University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)

The university recognised that specific interventions would be required during the COVID pandemic. A key piece of this work was the establishment of a student panel in relation to COVID.

This virtual panel of student volunteers from all levels of study and across the university was recruited, with around 50 participants. Questions are periodically sent by email to the group who provide their feedback. The panel is complementary to the usual student rep system. Whereas reps provide an analytical style of feedback, the panel provides experiential feedback of the individuals participating. Results are written up as a report which is then shared with key decision makers.

Findings have provided some interesting insights into the student experience. Students have told us that they would like the flexibility in studying currently experienced to continue. Not needing to commute for studies has environmental, cost and time savings for our students. They have also commented that they would prefer for quality documents to be shared in their original form without being made ‘student friendly’. It may be that the student panel is retained in a post–COVID world.

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Name – Kevin Sinclair
Role – Student Engagement Manager
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Phone - 07796930044 

(January 2021)

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