Departmental Councils card sort - sparqs


Representation at the departmental level – also known as faculties or schools – is a crucial lynchpin between strategic, institution-wide committees and those operating at a course level.

One way of developing this level of representation is through departmental councils. However, the way such councils work can incorporate a very wide range of models which will vary according to institutional and departmental practices and cultures.

This tool, taken from sparqs’ departmental representation toolkits, consists of eight pairs of cards. Each pair represents two opposite approaches to a particular feature of a departmental council. You can use these cards to consider the merits of each opposite and agree your own form of wording. Taking each agreed statement together will create a clear picture of how you want departmental councils to develop.

It is suggested that those with a responsibility for departmental-level representation as well as senior staff and student officers should be involved in working through these cards.

Item Number:208