Feedback on Assessment toolkits - University of Dundee


This set of toolkits was developed by the University of Dundee, with support from sparqs, in 2011. It outlines some ways in which staff and students can work together, in school/department levels, to explore how feedback on assessment can effectively lead to an enhancement of learning.

The main download is the original toolkit created in 2011 and piloted within three schools of the university. Following feedback from Schools a second version of the toolkit was reorganised into four sections enabling Schools to select and tailor activities to their specific contextualised development needs.  Individual sections can form the basis for  focussed workshops or the Toolkit as a whole can form the structure for a series of interrelated development opportunities.  The activities within the second version are variations on those within the first, allowing schools or programme teams to return to topics previously investigated to re-examine issues and reflect on progress.  Participation of students as part of workshops is fundamental to the successful application of the Toolkit, generating more meaningful discussions and concrete action points than when applied with staff groups on their own.


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