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Use of the sparqs Inspiring class / course reps: ‘Health Check Activity’ in an Iterative Process at Perth College UHI.

Prior to the introduction of the current sparqs resources on ‘Enhancing Course Rep Activities’

A previous resource called ‘Inspiring class / course reps’ which can be found here allowed institutions to self-assess against a number of indicators to monitor the development of an effective class/course representation system. 

Impact statements were scored according to whether activity was fully developed, under developed or no action being taken.

Perth College UHI used this resource in an iterative process from 2010-11 to 2013-14 to identify areas of weakness and target these for improvement through action planning

The health check was completed each year in May, with findings and draft actions plans presented to the Quality Enhancement Committee for approval. 

The agreed plans were then implemented with respect to the relevant indicators for student rep selection, induction, training, recognition, policy and procedure, representation structures, communications and enhancement mechanisms.

When the health check was completed in subsequent years, the impact of the changes made was easy to identify by an improved score:

  • increased from 28% developed at the start of 2010-11 to
  • 72% developed at the start of 2013-14. 

Evaluation of the score at the end of 2013-14 will complete the project.

This tool was useful in providing an evidence base for enhancement activity in student representation.

If you  would like to discuss this further please contact:

Name – Carole Saunders
Role – Quality Co-ordinator
Email –
Phone – 01738 877 228


(2011 / 14)

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